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Air Charter Service can arrange charters for larger groups of passengers on aircraft including regional jet airliners and turboprops, VIP & executive airliners, as well as narrow and wide-body airliners.

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GiveJet has a wide variety of plans designed to meet your level of commitment. With only a minimal amount of capital to set aside, we are able to provide an unparalleled level of service. For the clients who are looking for the occasional flight, we have programs that guarantee all of the benefits of private flight with the utmost simplicity.

Chartering your own aircraft for business meetings or exclusive holidays is no longer the expensive option it is perceived to be.  The time required to reach most European destinations is significantly less than the time spent travelling to major airports such as Heathrow or Gatwick.  If you take into account the savings that can be achieved both in time and company expense bills, then the returns to your business and personal life are easily quantifiable.  Imagine leaving home at 8am, driving 15 minutes to the airport, flying 150 miles in under an hour then conducting your meeting and returning home — all before 3pm!

Travelling on business is an investment of your time and your company’s money; it needs to be used as cost efficiently as possible and that’s where having an aircraft at your disposal comes into its own.

Whether you choose a compact four-seater, a small commuter, executive turboprop or luxury executive jet, you’re setting the agenda.  A four-person return day trip to Paris, Edinburgh or Amsterdam could cost as little as £2000, eight of your key personnel to a meeting in London around £2500 or four skiers to Chamonix for the weekend in executive luxury around £8400.