Mikuni bdst air jet

2. Midrange (full throttle /5k-7k). Select best needle clip position to get the best power at full throttle / 5k-7k rpm, after you have already selected the best main jet: a. If the engine pulls better on a full throttle roll-on starting at <3k, when cool but soft when at full operating temperature, it is too rich in the midrange and the needle should be lowered.

b.  If the engine pulls better when fully warmed up but still not great between 5k-7k, try raising the needle to richen 5k-7k.

b. Pilot fuel mixture screw settings, float level and pilot jet size also affect high-rpm 0 to 1/8 throttle maneuvers. B.  Too lean, will cause surging problems when the engine is operated at high rpm at small throttle openings! Opening the mixture screws and/or increasing pilot jet size will usually cure the problem. NOTE: A rich problem gets worse as the engine heats up.

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