Micron air jet sieve operating manual

U.S.A. Standard ASTM Sieves Series
Looking for sieves? Humboldt stocks an extensive offering of sieves for use in all types of sieve testing applications, from sampling and classification of soils, aggregates and other powdered and granular materials to specific ASTM standard tests. Humboldt carries an extensive inventory of sieves in all popular sizes and mesh/frame material configurations. We try to maintain a complete stock of 8" and 12" sieves in both full and half heights for quick turnaround, as well as keeping a large inventory of other sieve sizes and frame and mesh configurations.

Our ASTM sieves are of the highest quality to ensure consistent fit, accurate specifications and durable construction. All our sieves comply with ASTM E11 and AASHTO M92; and, are given individual serial numbers for traceability. All ASTM sieves include a permanently attached metal plate that includes the sieve number, micron size and the nominal opening in millimeters and inches. Sieve covers, bottom pans and separator pans are also in stock and ready for shipment.

Bionomic offers the most complete and comprehensive line of innovative wet scrubbers to solve practically all gaseous, solid/liquid particulate, odor and product recovery requirements.

Depending on the type of gas contaminant whether it be a solid, liquid, odor or recovery a variety of collection mechanisms and scrubbing liquid types are used.

For gaseous contaminants, mass transfer is the mechanism that absorbs the gas into a liquid through creation of liquid films or droplets. Large surface area packing media, trays, fluidized beds and hydraulic or shear atomization techniques are mostly used to create the films and droplets necessary for mass transfer to occur. A chemical reagent scrubbing liquid is incorporated in many cases to enhance removal of contaminants by producing a stable salt by-product. Each type of device mentioned above can be provided by Bionomic Industries including several patented advanced technologies.