Business jet interiors

The passenger accommodation aboard Hindenburg  was contained within the hull of the airship (unlike Graf Zeppelin , whose  passenger space was located in the ship’s gondola).

Hindenburg’s “A Deck” contained the ship’s Dining Room, Lounge, Writing Room, Port and Starboard Promenades, and 25 double-berth inside cabins.

The passenger accommodations were decorated in the clean, modern design of principal architect Professor Fritz August Breuhaus , and in a major improvement over the unheated Graf Zeppelin , passenger areas on Hindenburg were heated, using forced-air warmed by water from the cooling systems of the forward engines.

Bombardier introduces the Nuage seat created for the Global 7000 – with features including a patented tilt link system that creates a deep recline position, tilting headrest, floating base and center swivel axis

Steve Varsano explains the thinking behind the aircraft brokerage’s move to a new facility – complete with an outfitted wide-body fuselage section

Take a tour of the new cabin Embraer has created for this popular light jet, to be detailed in the upcoming issue of Business Jet Interiors International

Following generations of Challenger success, the Challenger 605 brings a new level of technology, flexibility and comfort to the skies.

Our Learjet 60XR fleet are business jets with a class act and a powerful presence. The rethought, redesigned interiors feature improved space and better cabin functionality.

Our Learjet 60 mid-size business jets unite strong dependability and exceptional cabin comfort.These remarkable aircraft provide the performance expected in a high-end jet.

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‘The World’s First Corporate Aviation Showroom’ was designed by Design Q in 2011 for Steve Varsano and his company ‘The Jet Business’ , located at Hyde Park Corner in Belgravia, London.

The media’s reception to the project was outstanding, and The Jet Business was voted London’s Number Three retail experience following Harrods & Rolex.