Jet air aurora lx\/wh\/f\/60 отзывы

NOT FOR NAVIGATION . Please procure official charts for flight.
FAA instrument procedures published for use from 16 August 2018 at 0901Z to 13 September 2018 at 0900Z.

I’ve heard about it…very little mind you but still something. All I know is that they’re testing it out at Area 51 and the cover up story is aliens. I would give a lot to fly it…if I could just look at it ar maybe sit in the cockpit.

These are the record holders, whose information is known to the public. The United States government wouldn’t advertise it’s biggest, baddest inventory.

If you’ve got a very fast plane you share it with the world as it acts as a deterant, kind of like how countries advertise there nuclear weapons. They would share all the record information without the technical specifications.