Boeing business jet interior

Originally the Boeing Business Jet was the traditional 737 with a modified airframe, and accommodated between 25 and 50 passengers in complete luxury. Since then additional models have been rolled-out to be part of the BBJ series , such as the jumbo 747, Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Despite the different models, the whole BBJ series have modified airframes to the standard airliners. To increase fuel economy all 737 BBJ’s have blended winglets and incorporate air stairs to enable passengers to disembark at less well-equipped destinations. Additional fuel tanks have also been incorporated on the business jets to allow ETOPS (Extended Range Operations).

Although the Dreamliner has had a sketchy start with production delays and a series of technical issues that resulted in the grounding of the entire 787 fleet, when these issues are ironed out it will prove to be the most advanced and efficient aircraft included in the business jet offering by Boeing.

Designed as a mode of executive / presidential transport to whisk the high and mighty to far flung destinations in sheer decadence, I’m sure most ‘regular Joe’s’ wouldn’t have any problem at all in actually living on one of these! Many BBJs include bedrooms, bathrooms (with showers / baths), conference areas, dining facilities and any combination of the above that the customer can dream up.

747-100 — 24 млн $ ( 1967 )
747-200 — 39 млн $ ( 1976 )
747-300 — 82 млн $ ( 1982 )
747-400 — 228-260 млн $ ( 2007 )

Boeing 747-400
Boeing 747SP
Boeing 747-8
Boeing VC-25
Boeing E-4

Boeing 747 , выпускаемый американской компанией Boeing , часто именуемый «Джамбо Джет» ( англ.   Jumbo Jet ), или просто «747», — первый в мире дальнемагистральный двухпалубный широкофюзеляжный пассажирский самолёт . Первый полёт был выполнен 9 февраля 1969 года . На момент своего создания Boeing 747 был самым большим, тяжёлым и вместительным пассажирским авиалайнером , оставаясь таковым в течение 36 лет, до появления A380 , первый полёт которого состоялся в 2005 году.

Commercial Airplanes boss Kevin McAllister has created a new airplane program office to “move us one step closer to a decision on a New Mid-market Airplane (NMA) and also serve as a vehicle to evolve how we design and build airplanes.”

The proposed new jet, which industry experts are anticipating as the “797,” is conceived as intermediate in size between the single-aisle 737 and the twin-aisle 787 Dreamliner , with a range that could make it transatlantic and suitable for long thin, point-to-point routes.

Although the move clearly indicates growing momentum toward a formal launch of this new airplane, which would be targeted to enter service around 2024, in an internal memo sent Monday afternoon to all Commercial Airplanes employees, McAllister stressed that Boeing is not actually pulling the trigger just yet.

The Boeing Business Jet is a member of the venerated 737 family. Superb flight range and cruise speeds together with an extremely spacious and versatile cabin make the BBJ the most prestigious private jet on the charter market.

The BBJ is also used for VIP transfers by major world governments. The aircraft is like a luxury apartment in the sky. Variants of the BBJ extend across the Boeing family to aircraft such as the iconic 747 and latest Boeing 787 Dreamliner, all in VIP configurations.

- Excellent flight range and cruise speeds
- Spacious and versatile cabin
- Huge luggage capacity
- VVIP status

The 5 390 cubic feet of cabin can be configured almost any way desired. Most configurations divide the cabin into four compartments. The four compartments generally consist of a board room, a lounge, a VIP bedroom, a business office, and two lavatories with showers. Separate galley, washroom and luggage storage are included.