Air jet flight

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Charter Flight Group is a dedicated and experienced private charter company that will provide impeccable private charter aircraft service from takeoff to touchdown. Today, on-demand private air charters are more accessible for individuals and corporations than ever before. Hiring Charter Flight Group with 30 years of aviation industry experience, means you are hiring the best.

There are key differences from one private jet charter company to another. Charter Flight Group delivers the expertise and knowledge regarding the experience of every one of our charter

partners, about the jet aircraft the operators fly, their training and safety management programs , crew capabilities,whether or not they have experience with specific routes and airports, and what the FAA knows about these private air charter operators . Charter Flight Group provides all of these answers plus an unparalleled commitment to safety, convenience and discretion. We are a comprehensive jet aircraft charter company. We guarantee we will exceed all private air charter travel expectations.

… including our state of the art simulators and all the training you need for air combat, and for something different but just as intense, our B-737 commercial airliner.

FUN! Such a great experience. Nice staff and well run facility. My family enjoyed the flight time and gunning for each other. I was able to watch the entire event on tv monitors and hear the excitement. I definitely recommend this experience and facility!

I absolutely loved this flight simulation center. I was briefed with instructions on everything that goes on with the Boeing 737-800. My instructor David was great and was very nice and informative. I would easily recommended this place to anyone who loves flying or just loves to have fun in the air!!