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Metrication in Canada began in 1970 and while Canada has converted to the metric system for many purposes, there is still significant use of non-metric units and standards in many sectors of the Canadian economy. This is mainly due to historical ties with the United Kingdom (before metrication ), the traditional use of the imperial system of measurement in Canada, proximity to the United States , and to public opposition to metrication during the transition period. [1] [2]

Until the 1970s, Canada traditionally used the Imperial measurement system , labelled as "Canadian units of measurements" under Schedule II, Section 4 of the Weights and Measures Act (R.S., 1985, c. W-6). [3] These units have the same name and, with the exception of capacity measures such as the gallon , the same values as US customary units . For example, before metrication in Canada, gasoline was sold by the imperial gallon (about 4.55 litres ). In cross-border transactions, it was often unclear whether values quoted in gallons, etc. were referring to the US values (3.79 litres) or the imperial values of these units.

The election of the Progressive Conservative government of Brian Mulroney in 1984 resulted in the abolition of the Metric Commission on March 31, 1985. This ended the process of affirmative metrication in Canada, and some regulations requiring metric measurements either have been repealed or are no longer enforced.

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