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This Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) features a large living room, master bedroom, second bedroom/meeting room, three lavatories, and a spacious galley. Additionally, this aircraft has over 500 cubic feet of baggage space. With non-stop range to Europe.

In this era of international commerce, global leaders need to fly farther in comfort, be productive en route, and reach business destinations relaxed and refreshed. With nearly three times the interior space of the competition at a comparable price and a range of more than 6,000 nautical miles, the BBJ meets these demands.

Having all the comforts of home ensures that you can maintain personal productivity even when flying 12 hours nonstop. Comforts such as a spacious executive suite with a queen-size bed that allows you to get a good night’s sleep. A dining area is perfect for conferences or gracious meals. Private offices are ideal for serious work or quiet reflection. With all the amenities of home, you can meet, eat, sleep, and dine in comfort … and are sure to arrive at your destination refreshed and ready for business or pleasure.

Charter Flight Group is a dedicated and experienced private charter company that will provide impeccable private charter aircraft service from takeoff to touchdown. Today, on-demand private air charters are more accessible for individuals and corporations than ever before. Hiring Charter Flight Group with 30 years of aviation industry experience, means you are hiring the best.

There are key differences from one private jet charter company to another. Charter Flight Group delivers the expertise and knowledge regarding the experience of every one of our charter

partners, about the jet aircraft the operators fly, their training and safety management programs , crew capabilities,whether or not they have experience with specific routes and airports, and what the FAA knows about these private air charter operators . Charter Flight Group provides all of these answers plus an unparalleled commitment to safety, convenience and discretion. We are a comprehensive jet aircraft charter company. We guarantee we will exceed all private air charter travel expectations.

Private Jet Charter supplies Jets to rent in the USA, UK & Worldwide. 25 years experience chartering jets USA, UK and Worldwide | Aircraft leasing & Helicopter Charter

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Charter Jet One offers private helicopter rentals from some of the best helicopter operators, so you can rest assured knowing that you’re in safe hands! A private helicopter charter is convenient for traveling short distances and for an intimate experience including helicopter site-seeing tours . With our intelligently designed fleet feel confident that you will reach your final destination with comfort and ease. Our helicopter rentals offer a wide variety of advantages from making a great first impression by traveling in style to getting to your destination faster and the versatility of being able to land in remote locations.
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Empty leg flights have become increasingly popular in the world of private air travel for the flexible and savvy jet traveler. Empty leg flights are the return portion of booked one-way private charter flights. The aircraft needs to fly empty to pick up its next client or to return to its home base. Although private jet operators try to avoid flying empty, a total of 30% of all private jets still do, creating substantial inventory of empty leg flights. Empty leg flights are a great way to get cheap private jet flights at much lower costs than private jet rental. These empty leg charter prices are for the entire jet so you can bring as many passengers as the jet can seat!

With Charter Jet One you will be able to travel luxuriously in the private plane of your choice. Charter Jet One offers a wide variety of knowledge and expertise when it comes to your private jet rental. Our Corporate Concierge Service has unparalleled excellence with a dedication to service that has redefined charter jet rental . We are redefining the flight industry by offering our valued clients our signature amenities with private catering so you can dine in elegance, conduct business, or simply relax if you choose. We also offer a wider variety destination options and charter flight options.
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Wir unterstützen unsere Kunden dabei, Zeit und Geld zu sparen. Einen Business Jet chartern heißt jederzeit direkt und ohne Umweg zu Ihrer gewählten Destination zu kommen. Wir kennen die Betreiber und ihre Flotten weltweit und ermitteln und vergleichen für Sie Preise und Leistungen, die von Airline zu Airline stark variieren können.

JetBox ist ein unabhängiges Unternehmen ohne eigene Flugzeuge. Darum beraten wir Sie auch unabhängig und stellen für Sie eine übersichtliche Markttransparenz her. Seit 1999 arbeitet JetBox mit mehr als 5000 Airlines weltweit.
Unsere Datenbank wird täglich aktualisiert und erlaubt es unseren Flugexperten, immer das richtige Flugzeug zum besten Preis für Sie zu ermitteln.

Wir haben tausende Airlines und deren Flugzeuge in unserer Datenbank und haben zu den wichtigsten Anbietern über viele Jahre einen persönlichen Kontakt aufgebaut. Das nutzen wir für Sie, um die besten Preise für Sie zu verhandeln. Wir beraten Sie und erstellen für Sie ein umfassendes, transparentes Angebot, ohne versteckte Kosten oder andere unliebsame Überraschungen.