Supersonic business jet wiki

In this evolving market place for aircraft, options and considerations come into play, many of which you may not have thought through. With a million and one things that could go wrong, no one becomes a jet expert overnight –

With the right private jet your aircraft could become your office. You could be in New York City for an afternoon meeting and be at home enjoying dinner with your spouse and children that evening. Or it could whisk you away to unique and hard to reach places that commercial airplanes just don’t go.

At JSI we walk you through a three-step process designed to outfit you with the right jet and in the air as quickly and easily as possible, saving you untold costs and headaches down the road. And we can make a virtually certain statement that no other reseller is using all of these strategies exactly as we do for our clients.

With the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet you get to your destination faster and in luxurious comfort – for business or for pleasure. Wherever you are headed – New York, LAX, London, Dubai or Shanghai – the Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet cuts flight times in half.

Imagine NYC – London day trips. Leave NYC at 7am ET, arrive in London by 4pm GMT. Have a dinner meeting, leave at 9pm GMT. Be home by 6pm ET. A jaunt across the Atlantic is just another day at the office. No overnight stay required.

Why have small porthole windows when you can have a much better experience with wall-to-wall digital screens showing the outside world, movies or beautiful images. It is quieter, stronger and the state-of-the-art aviation design.

If the full-size 55-seat plane is then approved, the first passengers could be travelling at supersonic speeds across the Atlantic by 2023.

Blake Scholl, the founder and chief executive of Boom, said at the Paris air show that the design of the XB-1 demonstration plane had passed a performance and safety review ahead of manufacturing.

Boom said five unnamed airlines had placed 76 orders for its passenger plane, which resembles Concorde but has a delta wing that sweeps almost to the tip of the nose.

“Big business tycoons from different countries keep asking us to make a personal supersonic plane based on the missile-carrying Tupolev Tu-160 or the long-range Tupolev-2M3 bomber. We get such messages regularly, some of them through the Russian defense agency Rosoboronexport,” Solozobov said, as quoted by TASS.

According to the engineer, the project, eyed by foreigners with deep pockets is feasible. The manufacturer reportedly could design a small supersonic passenger jet, if there were a businessman or a group of investors ready to finance the enterprise.

“I think it could be possible to make a supersonic business jet in the near future. It would be small-sized, having a long flying range, and could carry up to 25 businessmen a distance of several thousand kilometers in a couple of hours. We have the capacity to make such a plane, but we need a customer order,” he said.

Spike Aerospace, the firm behind the radical new “son of Concorde”, said the maiden test flight was a “huge success”.

Spike is competing with NASA and Virgin Airlines to develop a commercial supersonic jet capable of breaking the 767 mph sound barrier.

Experts working on the £289million ($390million) project tested the latest prototype inside a massive wind tunnel at NASA’s Langley Research Center.