Price boeing business jet

The Boeing Business Jet (the VIP version of the 737-700) or BBJ for short is one of the biggest private jets you can hire. The series is often used for presidential travels. It is used as a presidential aircraft in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Nigeria and more. You won’t be surprised to learn that at Private Jet Charter we love BBjs; they are amazing aircrafts for parties or for business flights! So let’s introduce you to the BBJ!

The BBJ’s production started in 1998 and it was first sold in 1999. The builder, Boeing has already sold more than 190 aircrafts from this series which has been developed in a partnership with General Electric! The price of the BBJ depends on the model (from BBJ 1 to 3) and ranges from 47 to 310 million dollars.

The length of the plane is 110 feet, its width is 117 feet and its height is 41 feet. The cabin (excluding cockpit) is 79 feet long, 11.5 feet wide and even a basketball player would feel comfortable in the cabin as its height is about 7.3 feet.

The Boeing Business Jet is the product of a Boeing and General Electric joint venture to create a high performing aircraft.  The first BBJ surprised customers and manufacturers by selling more than ever expected.  Introduced in 2006, the ultra-long range BBJ3 is the largest in the family of Business Jets.  It is based on the 737-900ER (Extended Range) airliner.

Capable of traveling large legs, the BBJ3 has a strong powerhouse.  It is powered by two General Electric/ Snecma (CFMI) CFM56-7B27 engines.  Each produces 27,300 lbs of thrust.  5,475 nautical-mile trips, 275nm less than the BBJ2.

The cockpit of the BBJ3 comes fitted with Honeywell’s digital avionics system with triple IRS and dual digital air data computers.  The panel is centered around six large screen EFIS LCD displays.  The BBJ2’s technologically advanced cockpit includes dual FMS, dual Rockwell Collins Series 900 VHF comm/nav with DME, HF comms, ADF, GPS, MLS and WXR-700X weather radar.  Newer models also offer Flight Dynamics HGS 2000 HUD.

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) is a joint venture between Boeing and General Electric. It sells narrow-body VIP aircraft based on the reliable Boeing 737 series; it also sells wide-body VIP aircraft derived from the Boeing 777 (200LR and 300ER), the Boeing 787 (-8 and -9) and the Boeing 747-8, the latest stretched version of the iconic 747 jumbo.

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) are offered by Airbus. The narrow-body VIP aircraft are based on the A320 family. The Airbus wide-body corporate jets are based on Airbus A330/A350/A380 series aircraft.

Airbus and Boeing narrow-body aircraft can carry between 8 and 50 passengers in great comfort and can be configured with lounges, boardrooms and bedrooms. The planes are fitted with extra fuel tanks to handle longer range flights. They can also be configured as airliners with anything up to 200 seats.