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Jet Aviation has over forty years of experience completing, maintaining and managing every kind of private aircraft from small business jets through executive airliners. This depth of experience is unmatched and ensures that we have the expertise to handle any task from day to day flight operations, aircraft management and charter to complete aircraft renovations.

Today, we are owned by General Dynamics (NYSE: GD) company and Jet Aviation Flight Services is a preeminent worldwide leader in the business aviation service company. With international locations and over 5,000 employees, we are dedicated to providing our clients with impeccable customer service internationally and around the clock. Whether you are a first time charter customer or a frequent traveler, Jet Aviation is ready to serve you.

Eighteen people working in the business aviation industry who have shown “outstanding professionalism and leadership in support of aviation safety” have received awards from the National Business Aviation Association. They

In the following article, aviation lawyer Stewart Lapayowker (pictured below) asks: “Tax reform proposals may be having an effect on the decision-making of aircraft buyers and sellers, but should they?”