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This server allows users to generate a variety of weather maps and other products for real-time and archived data based on their own selections of various options, such as, region, parameter, time of observations, format, etc. Use the menu below to navigate to the "Make Your Own" page of the listed product.

This document discusses the various types of products available in the NAM, GFS, extended GFS (GFSx), RUC and ECWMF model plots.

The 500mb/SLP plots show two parameters: 500 mb heights (in color contours) and sea level pressure (in black line contours).

Sea level pressure
The sea level pressure field can be used to find low and high pressure systems as well as the location of cold fronts. The highs and lows can be located by the white H and L symbols on the map. Cold fronts will generally start from areas of low pressure and follow the trough of low pressure south and to the west of the low. Rain and/or snow is likely in the regions directly around the low and somewhat less likely along the cold front.

After 200 starts or around 20 hrs use its a good idea to have your engine stripped and checked out.

For Jet Joe Engines we can carry out a standard service for you.
Lets say your selling your engine ? it will always assist your sale if you have a certificate with the last service and tear down report with your engine.