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Private Charters on a King Air 90 A King Air 90 charter flight offers an unparalleled combination of: Cabin size Low operating costs Short and rough field capabilities Load carrying performance Above-average speed And with a 50 per cent larger cabin environment than most ‘very light jets,’ the King Air 90 is a more comfortable alternative for short-hop excursions than its turbofan counterparts. Due to the... more

Learjet 31 Jet Charter The Learjet 31 offers a level of private plane charter performance that few other luxury planes can rival. Lear’s Model 31 series, which was produced from 1988 to 2002, features a cabin measuring a cozy: 4.35 feet high 4.95 feet wide 12 feet long Typical seating configuration for this private plane charter is for eight passengers. Additionally, there’s 40 cubic feet... more

Challenger 600 Private Jet Charter Flights The Challenger 600 jet charter is a premier heavy jet manufactured by Canadian-based Bombardier Aerospace Company. It combines supreme in-flight comfort with high-end cruising capabilities. This guarantees business executives make it to their meetings on time. The Challenger 600 is typically configured to carry eight passengers in a double-club arrangement. It can also be arranged to seat up to 19... more

Looking to charter a private flight? We are the only private jet company that offers on-demand service and pricing for popular flights between 22,000 destinations on our fleet of Challenger 300 and Citation X jets. We supplement our private jet fleet with our carefully selected Preferred Partner Network of light, mid-size and large cabin aircraft, including Hawker 400XP, Hawker 800XP and Gulfstream V jets.

Our Private Aviation Advisors work with you to find the best aircraft for your trip. And with the backing of our fleet and operations infrastructure, you fly with the assurance of our exacting safety standards, operational excellence and industry-leading recovery ability.

Charter flights free you from the obligations and constraints of fractional ownership

* Eliminate any ownership related contract payments
* Allow you to select the most suitable aircraft for each trip instead of the one fractionally owned
* Only pay for where you want to fly, not from the location of your own private plane

Get on the right plane anywhere, anytime, anyplace, with as little as 4 hours notice

We believe in the utmost in discreet and confidential air cargo flight arrangements.

We are the largest broker of private jets for hire, under United States Federal Aviation (FAA) regulation Part 135, offering its clientele unparalleled service and the ultimate in luxury & convenience.