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Mazda’s powertrain team has brewed up a fancy new engine that, like a diesel, uses compression to activate the combustion process. In a press release on the new tech, Mazda tells us just how staggering the benefits of this “world’s first” technology might be.

Set to debut in 2019, Skyactiv-X is Mazda’s next-generation engine that uses Spark Controlled Compression Ignition. In other words, it’s a homogenous charge compression ignition engine sometimes, but it seamlessly changes over to a regular spark-ignition engine under certain engine operating conditions.

Mazda says the new tech “combines the advantages of gasoline and diesel engines to achieve outstanding environmental performance, power and acceleration performance.” And if those words aren’t good enough for you, Mazda’s thrown out a few numbers.

This week we are taking a short break from the Kodachrome Image Series although we are featuring a period Ford Motor Company image colorized by photo restorer Patty Allison of Imbued With Hues. This photograph brings back memories as my family visited the 1964-’65 World’s Fair located in Queens, New York, a borough of New York City.  One…

Updated – We have been featuring photos from the University of Pittsburgh Library recently and have found a number of period new car images in the collection to share with you, taken for various automakers by professional photographer Harold Corsini. Three of his photos chosen for today are of a 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury that were shot at…

Today we return to Los Angeles, California again to view images that turned up of two more Ralphs Supermarket parking lot views which were also located on Crenshaw Boulevard in the City. All of the photos of the Markets are dated to April of 1942.   The lead photograph and an expandable version of it below…