Business jet inventory

Our elegant fleet of private jets is designed to fit a wide range of mission requirements with uncompromising style, comfort, and reliability.

Both rugged and flexible, our legendary turboprops are configurable to your requirements. Put the renowned payloads of one of our Caravans to work for you.

The leader in pilot training and recreation aircraft, Cessna’s line of single-engine piston aircraft is unparalleled.

You’ve already got a head start on a lot of people wondering how to run a small business
if your revenues are “solid.” Congrats! For many entrepreneurs,
inventory management takes a back seat to things like generating
revenue, personnel issues, finicky customers, or raising financing, but
it shouldn’t. Whether you’re in retail, wholesale, distribution, or
manufacturing, our view is basically the same…

You’ve probably heard terms like “lean manufacturing” and “just in time”
delivery – examples of streamlined inventory management techniques.
Consistent with these techniques, we like to think of inventory as cash
in transit. Every day you have inventory that is not being sold, your
profit margin erodes. Here are some key tips to get your inventory
strategy on track:

Your attitude about inventory is the key to successful inventory management.
Think about inventory as a wasting asset. Unless you are dealing with
wine or single malt scotch whiskey, inventory does not improve with
time. Inventory becomes less valuable with every passing day. It takes
space, heat, light, power, handling, insurance and, of course, interest
to carry. Every day you have inventory and no sales your profit margin
will erode. So as you’re planning how to run your small business, try
not to carry any more than is absolutely necessary.