Easy jet air

All flight prices :
One way per person, based on 2 people travelling on the same booking. Includes admin fee & airport taxes. Additional charges for credit card payment and baggage.

Europe from £29.99: 587,871 seats for travel on selected routes to 2.9.18. Correct at 16.11.17. Credit card fees apply.

New from Belfast: 256 seats to Naples, 119 seats to Valencia and 948 seats to Isle of Man. Correct at 12.12.17. Credit card fees may apply.

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Читайте и делайте выводы сами! В большинстве случаев ничего страшного в дополнительных услугах нет. Нужно только быть готовым к тому, за что у вас могут попросить дополнительные деньги…

Эта малазийская авиакомпания имеет обширную линейку рейсов в Азии. Air Asia была признана лучшим лоукост-перевозчиком в 2012 году по версии жюри авиасалона в Фарнборо. Причина этой удачи кроется, в том числе, и в разумном соотношении цены и качества обслуживания.

Easyjet are unlike other airlines, they are extremely tough with both check in and carry baggage. The excess charges for baggage is very expensive, don't think you can sneak a 2nd bag through, you won't.

They consider a small woman's shoulder bag as a carry on, so please don't expect a small handbag and a small carry on to get through, it will cost you a minimum of $50E.

Yeh, they are so sneaky, they even clearly publish it on their website, making it very clear that one carry on means one carry on. So much so, they even put "ONE" in capitals.

easyjet pro opens up a new dimension of turbine couplings. Just a simple click and your turbine becomes a skillful supragingival prophylaxis unit, which offers the same well-proven features as mectron’s table top units: a powerful powder jet, easy handling and reliable airpolishing. Shape and balance also enable a good handling and a controlled precise powder jet direction.

easyjet pro offers you a high degree of flexibility with its six different turbine coupling connectors. With just a click you can carry out the supragingival prophylaxis treatment. The connector can easily be changed by an authorized mectron service in case of a turbine coupling change.

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