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Canadair Regional Jet je serija regonalnih potniških letal kanadskega proizvajalca Bombardier . Dizajn je baziran na poslovnem letalu Canadair Challenger . CRJ so izdelovali v dveh serijah krajši CRJ100/200 , in seriji 700, ki obsega CRJ700, CRJ900 in CRJ1000.

Bombardier je zasnoval CRJ na bazi poslovnega letala Canadair Challenger, ki ga je Canadair kupil od Billa Leara ( Learjet ) leta 1976. Širok trup Challengerja je dovolj širok za 4 sedeže, zato so hoteli letalo enostavno podaljšati do 24 sedežnega Challenger 610E, kar pa se niso zgodilo. Ideja pa je ostala. Leta 1987 se je pojavila ideja za bolj ambiciozno podaljšanje, kar je vodilo do programa Canadair Regional Jet , enega izmed najbolj uspešnih regionalnih letal.

CRJ100 : Prvo letalo 50-sedežno letalo CRJ100 je prvič poletelo maja 1991. Ima dva GE CF34-3A1 turbofan z 41.0 kN (4.180 kgp / 9.220 lbf) potiska. CRJ100ER ima 20% več dosega in CRJ100LR 40% več dosega kot originalna različica.

The following are significant events involving the aircraft model. The numbered events are those involving at least one passenger death where the aircraft flight had a direct or indirect role, and where at least one of the dead passengers was not a stowaway, hijacker, or saboteur.

  • 29 January 2013; SCAT Airlines Canadair CRJ-200ER; UP-CJ006; flight 760; Almaty, Kazakhstan: The aircraft was on a domestic scheduled flight from Kokshetau to Almaty, Kazakhstan, crashed during approach about five kilometres (3.1 mi) from the destination airport, near the village of Kyzyltu. All five crew members and 16 passengers were killed.
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    The Bombardier CRJ700 , CRJ900 , and CRJ1000 are regional jet airliners manufactured by Bombardier and based on the CRJ200 .

    Following the success of the CRJ100/200 series, Bombardier Aerospace produced larger variants in order to compete with larger regional aircraft such as the Fokker 70 / Fokker 100 or the BAe 146 family, and competed later with the Embraer E-Jet family . It accounts for over 20% of all jet departures in North America and globally the family operates more than 200,000 flights per month: a CRJ takes off every 10 seconds. [4]

    Final assembly of the aircraft is at Montréal-Mirabel International Airport in Mirabel, Quebec , outside Montreal , Quebec , Canada . [5]

    For domestic and transborder flights over 90 minutes, Air Canada operates its Onboard Cafe in Economy Class and charges for alcoholic beverages, snacks and meals. As of May 1 2010, Air Canada only accepts credit cards onboard. Economy Class passengers purchasing a Latitude fare (full Economy) may show their boarding card for complimentary drinks, snacks or meals. Vouchers may be purchased in advance of flight which provide a 20% savings. Business Class passengers receive free bar and meal service.
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    There are 34 of this aircraft type in the fleet which are owned and operated by Air Canada Jazz - an Air Canada subsidiary. Inflight services and product is consistent with Air Canada mainline. This aircraft is used on short-haul domestic and transborder flights.

    Overhead and underseat storage are very limited on this small aircraft. Cabin sized suitcases will typically not fit under seats or in overhead compartments and will need to be checked at the aircraft door. Window seats have less leg and shoulder room than aisle seats due to the curvature of the plane.

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