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Royal Yacht Charter brings to you the best luxury yacht vacations in Goa, India. Select from motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, speed and sport boats, and jet skis. Cruise through the rivers and backwaters of Goa, and visit the many islands just off the shore.

All cruises in Goa in your luxury yacht will be private and exclusive. Enjoy nature, relax on board with fine dining and the choicest of drinks, take pictures, try kayaking, swimming, snorkeling or scuba diving.

Cruise on the Chapora River, Mandovi, Zuari, and the Sal River! A Goa river cruise will show you a different side of Goa. Visit islands and see some of the famous landmarks and attractions in Goa from your cruise. There are some stunningly beautiful rivers and backwaters in Goa where you can sail for just 1 hour, or go on an overnight trip that will give you a better idea of how beautiful Goa really is. See village life, coconut groves, rice fields, old heritage Portuguese, and more from your river cruise in Goa.

When you are craving a truly exclusive and customized vacation escape, there are few methods of leisure that can match a luxury yacht charter. Upscale hotels are fabulous, but there is always the problem of, you know, all those other people.

On a luxury yacht charter, the world is your own personal oyster as you become one with the panoramic Ocean views that hug you from every direction.

Yacht charters are the most indulgent and exclusive way to unwind, with a full-staff attentive to your every whim. Imagine a decadent dinner party for you and your guests–thoughtfully designed by your personal chef, and served as a work of art on the deck at sunset.