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Fantastic trip along the Na Pali coast! Beats hiking and of course motorized ways of "enjoyment" any day, and you get to see parts of the coast that are only accessible by boat. Our guides, Nick and Casey, were awesome and shepherded the fleet with knowledge, humor and skill the whole day. The equipment is top notch and the staff incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. A trip to remember - do it!

If you have decided to do this incredible journey, then this outfit is great. The guides and this outfit are laidback. Do not do this trip if you have a negative attitude or are absolutely out of shape. If so, you will not enjoy it. Also, if this is your first time seeing the Napali Coastline, save this Kayak trip for another time, since at times you will be so tired, or so concentrating on paddling you may miss a bit of the scenery. If you have seen the coast before and want another great perspective then go ahead. I am glad I did it, but not sure I would do it again, next time I will let a boat do the work.. No regrets though!

One of the most predictably unpredictable expenses of traveling to Hawaii is the cost of airfare. It’s also one of the more expensive factors in your Hawaii vacation budget .

Fares fluctuate so often that it’s difficult to know when to purchase tickets. Finding the absolute lowest airfare is a mix of luck, knowledge and skill. In the absence of an exact science, we have make use of the available tools and make some calculated guesses. Here are some strategies to help you make a sound decision on when to purchase your flights to Hawaii.

Use Flight Search Engine Alerts
To make the best decision on when to buy flights to Hawaii, you need to make an informed decision. The best way to start getting helpful information is to sign up for the free email alerts from flight search engines. What’s a flight search engine? Flight search engines monitor fares for all the major airlines.

The price-to-rent ratio is a measure of the relative affordability of renting and buying in a given housing market. It is calculated as the ratio of home prices to annual rental rates. So, for example, in a real estate market where, on average, a home worth $200,000 could rent for $1000 a month, the price-rent ratio is 16.67. That’s determined using the formula: $200,000 ÷ (12 x $1,000).

It is a useful statistic for comparing the relative costs of buying and renting across different markets, and it can be especially helpful when deciding whether to buy or to rent . As a general rule, a lower price-to-rent ratio indicates that a place is more favorable to homebuyers, while a higher ratio indicates a better environment for renters.

Using U.S. Census data, SmartAsset calculated the price-to-rent ratio in every U.S. city with a population over 250,000. Applying that ratio, we also calculated a projected average home price for a house or apartment that rents for $1,000 in each market.