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In case it’s not abundantly clear by now, on Monday, the Great American Eclipse will sweep across the United States. While a total solar eclipse may appear otherworldly and ethereal, there is a ton of science to suggest it is totally normal. But as evidenced by posts on Craiglist and other dark corners of the internet, mounds of scientific evidence won’t stop people from believing some pretty bizarre eclipse myths—mostly, ones that involve sex and/or death.

“For some reason the Moon and the Sun appear to have powerful hold on people’s imagination, and for instance there are a variety of beliefs associated with the Moon that have long been debunked and yet persist,” Jean-Luc Margot, a professor in the department of of Earth, planetary, and space sciences at UCLA, told Gizmodo. “I think in part it’s related to some cognitive biases that we all have so our brain is wired in certain ways to make quick assessments and quick judgements, which is extremely helpful in most situations, but in some situations, it gets us in trouble.”

C’mon, guys. This might have been okay to believe in Medieval times when people thought the Earth was flat but it’s kind of hard to justify why anyone with access to the internet would still believe this. Despite humanity’s persistent death wish, the eclipse isn’t going to kill us all—we are doing just fine handling that ourselves. After all, we’ve made it through many, many, many, many eclipses before and we’re still here.