A few years ago I had an a-ha moment during an organizing workshop at a blog conference I was attending.  During the presentation the lovely speaker, Beth, discussed her laundry system and it was one of those moments where I thought, now gosh why didn’t I think of that.

Now with the wisdom I gleaned from my friend Beth, I can honestly say my new laundry method has changed my life.  Each child still has a laundry basket in their room but rather than do everyone’s laundry all at once, I do one child’s load at a time.  In other words, I throw their whole basket of laundry into one load WITHOUT separating the whites and colors. Gasp!

I thought for sure the colors would run but they didn’t.  In fact the laundry came out just fine…. I just add about a 1/2 cup of vinegar to each load to help set the colors and prevent the colors from running.   I’ve yet to wreck a piece of clothing doing it this way.  Although note of caution wash new red items and denim separately the first time.

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12.04.2010  · The laundry system that changed my life...the easiest, no stress way to do laundry that makes it possible for even the kids to do laundry