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The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has over 92,000 alumni in 150 countries. [1] As of 2014, there are approximately 79,280 alumni in North America , 5,660 in Asia , 4,510 in Europe , 1,370 in the Caribbean and Latin America , 930 in Africa and the Middle East , and 380 in Australia and New Zealand . [2] This is a list of notable Wharton School alumni .

Swissair AG / S.A. ( German : Schweizerische Luftverkehr-AG ; French : S.A. Suisse pour la Navigation Aérienne [2] ) was the national airline of Switzerland between its founding in 1931 and bankruptcy in 2002.

It was formed from a merger between Balair and Ad Astra Aero ( To the Stars ). [3] For most of its 71 years, Swissair was one of the major international airlines and known as the "Flying Bank" due to its financial stability, causing it to be regarded as a Swiss national symbol and icon. The airline thrived into the 1980s, when it was one of the "Seven Sisters" [ citation needed ] of Western European commercial aviation. It was headquartered at Zurich Airport and in Kloten .

In 1997 the Swissair Group was renamed SAirGroup (although it was again renamed Swissair Group in 2001), with four subdivisions: SAirlines (to which Swissair, regional subsidiaries Crossair and Balair , and leasing subsidiary FlightLease belonged), SAirServices, SAirLogistics and SAirRelations.