Jet air sl-a-l-k 28 фильтр

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The Il-28 was smaller than the previous designs and carried a crew of only three (pilot, navigator and gunner). It was also smaller than the competing design from the Tupolev design bureau, the three-engined (i.e. two Nenes and a Rolls-Royce Derwent ) Tupolev Tu-73 , which had been started long before the Ilyushin project, and flew before the design of the Il-28 was approved. [7]

One unusual design feature of the Il-28 was that the wings and tail were split horizontally through the centre of the wing, while the fuselage was split vertically at the centreline, allowing the separate parts to be built individually and fitted out with systems before being bolted together to complete assembly of the aircraft. [12] This slightly increased the weight of the aircraft structure, but eased manufacture and proved to be more economical. [13] [14]

Full production in three factories started in September 1949, with service deliveries starting in early 1950, allowing 25 Il-28s to be displayed at the Moscow May Day parade of 1950 (as ordered by Joseph Stalin when it was ordered into production in 1949). [18] [19] The Il-28 soon became the standard tactical bomber in the Soviet forces and was widely exported. [16]

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