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You’re in a foreign land, maybe you don’t speak the native language, you’re far from home and a medical emergency strikes. You need a trusted advocate to make sure you get home so you can get better. Say hello to REVA.

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JETPOWER , a privately held aerospace company, was founded in 2004 as a global leader in the supply of commercial aircraft engine material.  In 2009, JETPOWER acquired SOUNDAIR Aftermarket Group, a 25 year old company. This gave JETPOWER an immediate footprint in the international arena for commercial airframe material, avionics, landing gear and aircraft interiors.

Combined with having over 24,000 line items of engine and airframe material, and operating from facilities in the United States, Ireland and England, JETPOWER i s well positioned as an industry leader.  This strengthens their ability to provide full service solutions for both the engine and airframe needs of commercial air carriers, leasing companies, OEM’s and MRO companies.

JETPOWER has a diverse engine and airframe product base and global experience which enables them to provide their customer base with a quick and thorough response, using creative personalized solutions throughout the supply chain. Their network of worldwide contacts enables them to locate quality engine and aircraft material to satisfy their customers’ requirements. With less overhead than the larger suppliers, JETPOWER is able to pass the cost savings directly to their customers.

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