New carburetor auto air jet

Clamp off the fuel line. Then compress the spring clamp and slide it backward on the fuel line. Pull the tubing off the carburetor nipple and catch the gas in a small bowl.

Don’t google “small engine repair near me” next time you need an engine repair and instead learn how to do it yourself. If you can’t get a small engine started, or it takes too many pulls to get it going, or it runs poorly, ask yourself this: Did it sit for a long time with gas in it? Like over the summer or winter? If so, your problem is most likely a corroded or gummed-up carburetor. Small engine repair shops earn about 50 percent of their revenue by cleaning or replacing carburetors that are sidelined by old gas.

Before you rip into the sucker, take a minute to confirm that the carburetor’s the problem. I’ll show you how to do that, as well as how to rebuild it or replace it. Either way, you’ll save about an hour of shop labor (about $70). You can complete the project in a single morning, including the time scouting for parts.

Various rules for Late Model Stock classes require using a two-barrel carburetor to limit the total amount of horsepower on V8 engines. Because it flows 500 cfm, Holley’s #4412 two-barrel carburetor has become the go-to carb for many racers in these classes. But considering the carburetor was originally designed for use on a big-block engine in a Ford pickup, it has traditionally required a few modifications and a bit of tuning to become truly race-ready.

Now Holley has introduced a race-ready version of the #4412: the Ultra XP 2-Barrel Carburetor . This new carb delivers many of the same features and benefits as Holley’s 4-Barrel Ultra HP Series carbs in a two-barrel design.

The Ultra XP 2-Barrel Carburetor utilizes a larger fuel bowl, which holds 20 percent more fuel and features dual clear sight plugs to make fuel level adjustments easier. The fuel bowl also incorporates internal baffles to prevent fuel from sloshing around, minimizing float level fluctuations during hard cornering or launches. It’s also equipped with a drain plug to make jet changes easier.